Here at Biz Ins. & Outs we hope to provide practical advice and useful information about business insurance, including Management Liability Insurance (D&O, E&O/Professional Liability, EPL, and Fiduciary), Casualty (CGL, Workers Compensation/Employers Liability, and Business Auto), Property/Business Interruption, Cyber, Crime/Fidelity and similar business insurance policies.

Our target audience consists of risk managers, in-house counsel, owners and executives who work for the types of clients that we represent. Those clients include all sizes of public and private companies, across numerous industries, including healthcare, technology, financial institutions, financial services, professional services, construction, energy, food & beverage manufacturing, construction, and education, including some governmental entities and not-for-profits.

You should check out our bios. But we (Scott & Christina – the contributors) are partners at Stinson LLP, one of the Midwest’s largest law firms. We represent businesses against insurers in securing insurance coverage:

  • When insurers refuse to provide insurance coverage, we sue, pursuing claims for breach of contract and bad faith, when appropriate.
  • When businesses buy or renew policies, we explain, evaluate and collaborate with brokers to get appropriate coverage; we even draft manuscript policies and endorsements in appropriate cases.
  • When businesses enter into contracts of any sort, we assess insurance needs and draft appropriate terms (including for M&A transactions, loans, leases, development agreements, and construction contracts).
  • When businesses suffer from man-made or natural disasters, we communicate with insurers, advise on evidence preservation and development, and advocate in support of the insurance claim.
  • When businesses are sued, we communicate with the insurers, and advocate in favor of an appropriate defense, coverage, and prompt payment.

Although our insurance practice tends toward complex matters, we hope to keep things here at Biz Ins. & Outs more practical, readable and helpful. We’ll address issues about which our clients often have questions (or should have questions). We’ll provide updates on insurance developments from time-to-time. But, in either case, we’ll try to stick to topics that are actually interesting and useful to our target audience and skip topics that would merely be interesting to insurance lawyers.