Tips on Insurance Coverage for Crisis Communications

In the event of a disaster, effective crisis communications can be essential to maintain or rehabilitate a business’s reputation. Sometimes crisis communications also can be critical to ensure safety and mitigate the risk of liability or the amount of damages. Some (but far from all) business insurance policies provide coverage Read More

By | August 28, 2019

Insolvency, Nonrenewal, and Claims: Strategies for Post-Policy Period Coverage under Claims-Made Policies

Clients often call when a claims-made liability insurer does not intend to renew an expiring policy. Usually, the call is about directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance, but it might also be about fiduciary, employment practices, or professional liability insurance. An insurer may choose to non-renew for various reasons. The Read More

Beware of Sublimits!

Sublimits are one of the most common sources of consternation for our business clients. A “sublimit” is a lesser insurance limit of liability that applies to a specific type of loss and is included within the larger, generally applicable, limit. Here are some common examples: a fiduciary liability policy may Read More